Zagreb has a long past and rich culture which can be explored during long walks in the center of the city. There are many old places like the Cathedral, the market Dolac, St. Mark’s Church and Klovićevi Dvori. The National Theatre is also in the center – maybe you could watch a show there? If you’re a history fan make sure to visit MUO – Museum of Arts and Crafts. Besides the great location in the town center, the museum has one of the biggest permanent settings which includes artworks from the Gothic times to Art Noveau. On the other hand, if you love abstract artworks and artists who are still alive the MSU – Museum of Contemporary Art is the place for you. And if you would like to visit another unusual cultural institution, we have the only Museum of Broken Relationships in the world!

Alternative culture in Zagreb offers a hidden treasures all over the city if you know where to search for it.We have already mentioned Museum of Broken Relationships but if you want some more alternative culture spirit we recommend you to also visit Booksa, Art Park, Bek and Medika. As you can see in these beautiful pictures, Zagreb is place where murals and graffiti speak language of their own on lots of different locations in town. Street artists Lonac, Chez 186 , Etien, Bare, Modul and other have made this town more beautiful place with their works spread in different locations all over the Zagreb.

If you’re a nature lover, there are many possibilities for you. Inside the city there are two lakes – Jarun and Bundek. They are both popular destinations to escape from the urban jungle. Another one is the park of Maksimir which also has a ZOO for animal fans. If you want to make it a bigger adventure Sljeme is meant for you. This hill above the city is ideal for hiking or skiing.

On the other hand, if you prefer to take a walk and enjoy traditional cuisine, the small town of Samobor could be interesting to see. This town has a rich history – it was founded in 1242. by the king Bela IV. And since then it’s architecture remained almost untouched. Another great thing to experience there are traditional sweets. And the best thing about it? It takes you just few minutes by public transport to get there from Zagreb!