General information

Zagreb International Medical Congress (ZIMS) is a medical congress that brings together students of biomedical sciences and young doctors worldwide.

There are four parts to every ZIMS: 
• Lectures are oriented around that years ZIMS theme – this years theme is “Law and medicine”.
• Workshops are combination of different classes related to the theme and important practical skills every young doctor should master.
• Scientific program is one of the most attractive parts of ZIMS. This is one of few conferences where young students and not yet affirmed scientist have access to the world of publishing because the book of abstracts is published as a supplement to a prestigious medical journal, ‘Liječnički vjesnik’, which is indexed in EMBASE/Index Medicus.
• Social program consists of different activities that help you get to know Zagreb and Croatian culture.

You can participate as an active or passive participant. Active participants alongside attending workshops and lectures, present their paper and research with poster presentation or oral presentation on MS PowerPoint. Passive participants only attend workshops and lectures.

ZIMS is organised by medical students and members of EMSA Zagreb. EMSA stands for European Medical Students Association, and EMSA Zagreb is one of the branches of EMSA Europe.

Definition of „young doctor“ is taken from statute of EMSA Europe as a person who graduated from medical studies in the last 5 years.