ZIMS is an acronym of a project that presents our desire to expand education and knowledge among students and young doctors. Lets break down that acronym and explain what it stands for:

The Z stands for Zagreb –  the capital of our homeland and home to our School of Medicine. Zagreb also has the best Christmas Market that you will be able to visit during ZIMS.

The I stands for International. Each year ZIMS hosts around 150 participants mostly from foreign countries, not only Europe, but also from afar. We’ve had participants from USA, Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, etc., and we surely hope for such a diverse assembly in years to come.

The M stands for Medical. We gather mostly medical students, but also students of Stomatology, Pharmacy, and other biomedical disciplines. It is also important to mention that ZIMS is one of the few students congresses that offers the opportunity of publishing scientific paper as full text in indexed journal of the Croatian Medical Association – Liječnički vjesnik. Abstract book is published as a supplement to the same journal.

Finally, the S stand for Summit. Participants can present their work as oral or poster presentation, or just participate as passive. Also, they have the opportunity to attend several interesting lectures held by members of our faculty as well as to join educational workshops such as surgical skills, emergency medicine and ECG. Of course, we should not forget rich social programme with day trips and night entertainment.